Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parts two and three. New Epic.


When is your season for peaches?

When will your lioness come home?

When I heard Marrisa open that door and couldn’t

open it.

When I heard her voice in Taylors and everyone

moved on.

When I heard Abe Lincoln say that it’s called

a break up because it’s broken.

When I heard the Wolf-man say that she let a

little doggie inside, but she wouldn’t

let him stay the night.

When I heard you say that you just can’t do this

anymore and you wrote it on a napkin

shaped like Santa Claus’ face.

Where have you been earthquake?

Where have all of your friends gone?

Walking and smoking and skinny then gone,

gone to that documentary where

all those girls went crazy

that spring break and you

almost didn’t make it

back and maybe I’ll

see you tonight oh

with your horse-

rider smile and

smoking and

gone and


Oh, there you are little earthquake,

Why do you come here when you know it

Makes things hard for me?

Your cabs here Chino,

but it will never be the same.

Summer came back by she left so much.


Sorry little dog,

Didn’t you see my flag in your yard?

Didn’t you see the fire you caused

in the field

and that guy

stomped it out?

Didn’t you see that fire you caused

at the model

home? And I lost

my model home


I fell asleep on my dream catcher again

listening to the Rosetta stone of pop music,

and I found my shoes and put them on

and made eggs all Sunday morning.

Remember, it is easy to put the needle

through the eye of the camel.

Do you remember that?

Do you remember the blue horse which was

held by cables to

the wall?

Do you remember all those bowls of beer?

Do you even remember little dog?

I still dream of you.

I still dream of you in my pool house and

waking up after that

first party, and

Marrisa was there drunk

and rambly walked out

the door.

And she never said a word.

And she never said a word, but Taylor is still talking.

The peaches are definitely ripe.

They drew first blood little dog.

And after Marrisa died I fought

but you knocked that hole in my wall.

That hole never left.

You did.

You’re soo cute when you’re slurring your speech,

but you’re still dead.

You’re still always dead but right there in my dreams.

Even if I didn’t go to your funeral or visit your grave,

I still care.

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  1. 'oh there you are little earthquake'


    excellent epic darling.