Thursday, April 8, 2010

Part 1: Chino to New Port, or A New Wasteland

There is a lion out there. Be warned,

Mr. Rot-Gut

On Rain-days, on Sundays

on your sexy Fridays...

Your lion is there, waiting, waiting

Waiting for you Mr. Rot-Gut

to find out that there are no more friends like Ryan.

Waiting for you

to find out that Chino is just a place

where the wolf-man is lonely, and you'll never sail to Tahiti.

Waiting for you

to find out that Summer left and Anna stayed.

Waiting for you

to find out what Walking the Dog really means.

Waiting for you

to turn into slim and run the ceiling

and run across the walls.

Mr. Rot-Gut, Summer is gone.

I love the summer, and have built a career out of it.

Songs of summer, and of beaches, and of not having a beach.

What does that mean? I say.

Keep your money folded and in the right fashion.

Music is not colors!

Music is not played that way mister Rot-Gut.

Mr. Rot-Gut.

Mr. Got-Rut.

Don't you know it's hard to be the wolf-man tonight?

Don't you know that?

Do you even know what that means? Lil dog?

Marissas dead, Mr. Rot-Gut

When you danced around in glitter paint,

sparkling and all beautiful, and crazy,

and you said no one put the M in Manchester.

You said that Marissa died in

Mexico, and the rest is lies!


Mr. Rot-Gut.

Your lions out there

and Marissas


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